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genre (hip) hopping: the first in a series of genre swaps by the iggli blog team.

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gotta love tonedeff.

i’m not sure why i never got into hip hop and why it never got into me.

i can’t blame it on living in the suburbs, or my WASPY catatonia (lol), because those are currently prerequisites for many hip hop lovers in America. in my formative years, artists like Nine Inch Nails or Tool or Tori Amos always stole my attention away. but recently i’ve realized it’s short-sighted to think hip hop is not a part of my life.

for example, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails recently toured with Saul Williams, collaborated with El-P, and compared his creative process of his most recent album Year Zero to Public Enemy’s; Tori Amos reinterpreted an Eminem song , and Wu Tang Clan just got the rights to the Beatles’ “My Guitar Gently Weeps.” okay, i don’t like the Beatles, but i’m just saying that hip hop intersects the alternative genre where i locate the majority of my taste.

thus, it was time for me to pay homage and I found the perfect opportunity!

Reed, a friend and iggli colleague of mine, suggested a genre-swap – to go and experience a type of music that is far outside of one’s normal tastes and then write about it. lucky for both of us, he’s a promoter with Nancy Drew Presents, and was one of the masterminds behind the incredibly successful october 6 show at the Fox Theater. the bill was Cunnin Lynguists, PackFM, Sleep of Chicarones, Zelly Rock, Whiskey Blanket, tonedeff, and audible audities.

i got to see it from upstairs, downstairs, back stage side stage... lucky me! it was truly an experience.

would you like to know one main conclusion from the evening?

people are wrong!
the accusations you hear about hip hop do not apply wholesale.
the acts that I saw had a ridiculous amount of skill, linguistically and physically.
i always hear in the media, that hip hop is a useless bunch of soulless thugs.
these were some of the nicest, most polite people i have ever met. they are also some of the smartest and well-spoken.

kids, turn off fox news!

another remarkable thing about the evening was the energy. the conviction in the room, the love for the artists was unbelievable. even for the opening acts, the appreciation and attention was intense. now, these aren’t acts you’d yet see on the billboard charts, but it was as though they were the greatest in the world at that moment. their interaction with the crowd was indicative with their impeccable showmanship and the crowd showed their appreciation endlessly. i was very impressed that even the openers got so much attention, as a lot of the rock shows i’ve been, the openers usually get little to no attention. i’m not sure why this is, and why this show was different, and if this is generally a trend in hip hop (i can’t say since this was only my first show) but it was an interesting observation!

i was also lucky enough to sit in on an interview with the headliners of the show, Cunnin Lynguists, conducted chiefly by out tha box television. they were very fascinated with the fact that i had never been to a hip hop show, and i was grateful that they let such an amateur like myself be a part of it! i asked, what seemed to me, like fairly informed questions: what do you think about the state of hip hop?; what do you think about the push to remove certain words from hip hop altogether? i will certainly post the interview when it is up.

my second and final conclusion is this: it is worth it to go and experience a completely alien form of music. keep your mind open and you might find a new artist. at the very least, if you work for iggli, you can write off the ticket in your taxes.

Cunnin Lynguists - Fox Theatre 10.06.07

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look that at that CROWD!


as i said
in my last half-post
i had my browser up all day
on hype machine's page*
watching the numbers
getting counted
because the new hype machine would only launch
phoenix anew-style
spiffed from all its changes
if 10,000 people viewed the page all at once

you would think 10,000 people
looking at ANYTHING at once would make that thing
explode with that energy
i guess 10,000 pairs of eager eyes
makes hype machine launch!

so all of the sudden around 12:30am
the hit counter all of the sudden went crazypants!:
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whoa, i say
to myself
as it goes to this:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
but the biggest difference
was THIS:
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and then
@12:33pm MST
O HAI new Hype Machine!
enough from me
go see!


*HM is a music blog aggregator
it also allows you to preview tracks directly from its page
as a digg commenter said
with top diggs from other commenters
meaning that they agree
"i wouldn't be cool if it weren't for hype machine"
or something like that
'cause i think it was spelled incorrectly.
so go GET HYPED!
(yay anthony volodkin!
awesomely awesome creator of hype machine!)

the NEW hype machine: is it launching ?!?! IS IT LAUNCHING?!?@@#@$#

i've had my browser open all day
after i heard that the new hype machine will only launch
if 10,000 people view the page simultaneously
that's just cool stuff



in rainbows & i: an abusive relationship

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why do i have to love this album?!
why do i have to love this album!?
why do i have to love this album!?
i don't have to
perhaps i shouldn't,
and yet i still do...

even as your progenitor may so royally whomp us all
i hope there is a good explanation for THIS

but i can't deny
that all of the songs have crept into my subconscious
to the point where
i'll be doing something else in the house with no music on
and i'll get a sudden intense craving to listen to it

i'll have to turn it on immediately
elsewise it will just play endlessly
most likely looping a part
for which the lyrics are unclear
so my mind turns this bit into sea glass
turning it over and over and over and over in my head
so you really must understand that this is serious.

i call it raddiction.
*pukes from pun-induced vertigo*
i'll just keep getting slapped around listening
because i can't stop
and hope things between us get better...



I messed up FeedBurner
and I called it
a missFIRE
FIRE because it's feed BURNER
and MISS because
my attempt was previously full of FAILURE

i saw that if you were subscribed you got flooded with posts about an hour ago
since i entered the correct thing today
which was
good AND bad to get flooded
depending upon how much you LOVE me
i think i've got it all under control.