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internet dating etiquette: halp!

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this is how excited i am

so i'm online dating
(bounce rate 100% ha!
Google anal-ytics joke)

and i'm wondering
about the ethics of said practice.
it's going alright so far
by alright i mean i'm going to cancel
any payments i've made to any sites.

but i want to ask everyone
what do you think
about how i should be handling responses?

most sites have a preliminary
minimal commitment form of contacting members
often a way of contacting another for free
if you cheapskates want to contact people without subscribing
emails are a different story and you have to pay money
in order to get more harshly rejected
er, i mean
get to know another more deeply.

so this is what i've come up with:
i am morally allowed to ignore the preliminary,
minimal commitment overtures
but i try to reply to the DECENT emails
those that aren't gross or just so cursory as to merit an ignore.

whatchu guys/girls think?
and do you have anyone you'd like to set me up with?

i'm pretty cool...

it just LOOKS like i haven't posted...

but i really have
And also read
or this will happen to your soul:
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