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This is my brain on Web 2.0

Multitasking is my drug, one of my strenghtiest strengths.
If I couldn't do it and didn't like it,
I wouldn't be able to work at web-related start-ups (for very long).
I love doing 600+ things at the same time.
It's exhilarating.

Pros & implications:
+ I love doing 600 things at the same time. It's exhilarating.
+ When someone asks me to do something,
I don't huff at them, it becomes 601, I reprioritize accordingly, put it in my Things and complete the task.
+ Sleep well at night. Used my entire brain allllll day.
+ Learn fast.
+ Bosses & coworkers like all of this.
+ Return emails.
+ My cats are *really* excited to see me when I come home.
+ Okay, done with the self-indulgence.

Cons & implications:
+ Overstimulation is probably my addiction. Meh. Could have a counterproductive addiction, right?
+ Sometimes it's uncomfortable for me to do one thing.
+ I drink lots of caffeine. Don't really feel like I need it to function, but mmmm.
+ I give Starbucks business. *Cringe*
+ Spend too much time sitting, not enough time exercising. Fixing that lately!
+ Ditch my friends because I'm usually damn tired. Sometimes they don't get this. It's understandable, really. Also suck at returning their calls. (Sorry, guys, <3 you).
+ What social life...?

+ Cons don't outweigh the pros.
+ They are changeable.
+ I won't always suck at being a friend.
+ Will learn fast and eventually be able to calm down a little and have more of a life.

Be back soon with another installment in highfireDANGER 2.0!


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