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did my new boyfriend just stick it to me?!

yeah, according to this lefsetz post
radiohead is re-releasing in rainbows
thanks a bunch!

do i have to purchase this again?
i better be able to buy them piecemeal
and if i can't
it better be a DRM-free format
so i can steal it from my friends
with zero guilt

chris taylor warned me that
thom yorke was a jerk
is this the fruition of his instincts?
did i bedfellow with the Wrong man?

my first date with radiohead's 'in rainbows.'

a lot of music i love most
i hated at first listen.
which is dissimilar to boyfriends
whom i mostly like right away.

and well,
i didn't like 'in rainbows' at all when i first heard it
so when it comes to music,
that was actually a good sign.

and now
i can't stop hitting repeat
especially on faust arp
i cannot get ENOUGH of that SONG
*injects self with the aural heroin that is track six*
i also like 'all i need'
and 'reckoner' (which is gorillaz-esque in its vocal style)

and okay, i admit
i did love 15 step the first time i heard it
so am i liar?
or did they just compile the songs correctly
to hook those fickle lovers like myself?

so far
my first date with 'in rainbows'
is going pretty well.
and i will let you know
about the state of our relationship
as it progresses.

*kisses speakers
and readers

the best facebook app ever: dramatic whitespace. *claps*

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dramatic whitespace
developed by adam bildersee
is my favorite facebook app
because it's the anti-app

it's just a block of color
any old color
white, for example
it's awesome
because facebook apps
are lame
in my opinion
then again i'm completely biased
because i'd rather myspace any day.

facebook is bleh
for so many reasons
one is that it had always been the elitist one
no one wanted to let the rabble in
when it was about to go public
to those who weren't in college
to the common people
to the other people

well i say screw that
let them all in
let them put black
in their whitespace
quit your whining.
and change your privacy options.

but remember
uber-public is the new private!
when you are one in a billion everyone can ignore you
blank space
is the new clutter.
thank you adam
for your 'apptitude'
and flippant contribution to the facebook app crazitude.

additional discussion here.

it's official: trent reznor does everything right & says goodbye to his label.

from trent's blog on the spiral
(nine inch nails official fan club):

10/08/07: big news, pt 1
Hello everyone. I've waited a LONG time to be able to make
the following announcement: as of right now Nine Inch Nails is
a totally free agent, free of any recording contract with any
label. I have been under recording contracts for 18 years and
have watched the business radically mutate from one thing to
something inherently very different and it gives me great
pleasure to be able to finally have a direct relationship with the
audience as I see fit and appropriate.
Look for some announcements in the near future regarding 2008.
Exciting times, indeed.

nin is my favorite band
for more reasons than just music!

like radiohead, other bands allow fans to determine albums' purchase prices. FTW!

the band v record company
struggle for monetary power
is beginning to look a lot like this:
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because now
other bands
are following radiohead's
"in rainbows" lead
aka fan-determined pricing for the album
which comes out tomorrow!
and it's not just little bands!

at long last
the industry is reacting.
one dude.

guy hands
yes, it's a NAME
i'm done

at his private equity company
Terra Firma
which bought EMI two months ago
he sent an email to employees
communicating that the "industray"
(that's my word)
is bass ackwards
and must change
to save itself.
go guy hands
way to be perceptive!
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moral of the post:
hey music business
you better change
because bands and fans
are rearranging things for you!

moby for the lulz on the not so lulz RIAA v. jammie thomas lawsuit.

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the following is an excerpt from moby's journal:
last week a woman named jammie(or maybe it's jamie?)*thomas was found guilty of illegally downloading music and fined $220,000.
she's a single mother making $36,000 and she's being fined $220,000 for downloading a few dozen songs??
and this is how the record companies are trying to get people on their side?
so let's see, republicans oppose health care for poor and middle class children, and the record companies sue single mothers for file-sharing...
who exactly is giving the republicans and the record companies advice?
how about a punishment that fits the crime?
this woman's crime was downloading music.
so maybe her punishment should be to pay $1 for every song she illegally downloaded?
which would lead to a fine of around $40?
i understand that the record labels are all suffering, but this is not the way to endear themselves to the general public...
i just feel badly for this poor woman, that she's a single mom on limited income and suddenly she's faced with high legal bills and a potentially disastrous settlement.
were the record company representatives all wearing black top hats and twiddlling their long, black, waxy mustaches when the verdict was reached?**
file sharing is hurting the record companies, there's no doubt about that.
but sueing a single mom who's making $36,000 a year for $220,000 is not the answer to the record companies woes.


* it's seriously jammie.
** my emphasis, for the lulz.

moby makes a salient point:
how is this, at all,
going to make people want to have any relationship
with record companies aka the riaa?
huge conglomerates suing your mom
for money she doesn't have?
very un-lulz
very beelzebubz
being that the punishment
doesn't seem to fit the crime
it's bad for a business
that's already mid-floosh

(and come on, did they pick her as their flagship case
partly because of her name?
so they could make jokes like
"i guess she's not jammin' now!"
whilst engaging in another fit
of raucous puppy kicking?)

and now i present the very rare i-am-very-human-with-very-strong-feelings post. verily.

do you know
the noise your breath makes
when you blow over the top of a bottle?
the deeper the sound
the bigger the space
the more empty the vessel

i know this.

yesterday the wind had begun to pick up
like it does before any cold front comes over the mountains
i had stopped at a red light
my windows were wide open
i glanced toward the mountains and the air blew
so forcefully into my face
blew my hair flat
it muted the stereo

and it shocked me.

it was disturbing
to feel how the seat next to me
was as desolate
and empty
as an ice floe on some screaming cold arctic sea

i could hear that noise more than i ever have
that empty space bottle blow
it was deep and long
it was loud to me
even if my expression merely seeped what was
behind sunglasses
they were meant to shield my eyes
but i felt open and exposed and

blown away.

what can i say?
there IS a soul in there
and it needs company!

xoxo everyone
hug your loved ones for me.

dos fotos from the fox show last night

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tonedeff and his fans going nuts
cell phones in hands!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
myself in the green room bathroom
because i had to!
vanity compels me!
it's a sickness.
ps-those are totally camera phone photographs.
yay for LG.

and i promise i'm writing!

look ma, no-hands hip hop!

i went to my first hip hop show last night
with one of my good friends
a promoter from nancy drew presents
a fantastically successful
and incredibly fun show
i am working on a review
of the experience
that i will post later.
but i had soooo much fun
in case anyone wondered.