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my first date with radiohead's 'in rainbows.'

a lot of music i love most
i hated at first listen.
which is dissimilar to boyfriends
whom i mostly like right away.

and well,
i didn't like 'in rainbows' at all when i first heard it
so when it comes to music,
that was actually a good sign.

and now
i can't stop hitting repeat
especially on faust arp
i cannot get ENOUGH of that SONG
*injects self with the aural heroin that is track six*
i also like 'all i need'
and 'reckoner' (which is gorillaz-esque in its vocal style)

and okay, i admit
i did love 15 step the first time i heard it
so am i liar?
or did they just compile the songs correctly
to hook those fickle lovers like myself?

so far
my first date with 'in rainbows'
is going pretty well.
and i will let you know
about the state of our relationship
as it progresses.

*kisses speakers
and readers