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the best facebook app ever: dramatic whitespace. *claps*

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dramatic whitespace
developed by adam bildersee
is my favorite facebook app
because it's the anti-app

it's just a block of color
any old color
white, for example
it's awesome
because facebook apps
are lame
in my opinion
then again i'm completely biased
because i'd rather myspace any day.

facebook is bleh
for so many reasons
one is that it had always been the elitist one
no one wanted to let the rabble in
when it was about to go public
to those who weren't in college
to the common people
to the other people

well i say screw that
let them all in
let them put black
in their whitespace
quit your whining.
and change your privacy options.

but remember
uber-public is the new private!
when you are one in a billion everyone can ignore you
blank space
is the new clutter.
thank you adam
for your 'apptitude'
and flippant contribution to the facebook app crazitude.

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