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and now i present the very rare i-am-very-human-with-very-strong-feelings post. verily.

do you know
the noise your breath makes
when you blow over the top of a bottle?
the deeper the sound
the bigger the space
the more empty the vessel

i know this.

yesterday the wind had begun to pick up
like it does before any cold front comes over the mountains
i had stopped at a red light
my windows were wide open
i glanced toward the mountains and the air blew
so forcefully into my face
blew my hair flat
it muted the stereo

and it shocked me.

it was disturbing
to feel how the seat next to me
was as desolate
and empty
as an ice floe on some screaming cold arctic sea

i could hear that noise more than i ever have
that empty space bottle blow
it was deep and long
it was loud to me
even if my expression merely seeped what was
behind sunglasses
they were meant to shield my eyes
but i felt open and exposed and

blown away.

what can i say?
there IS a soul in there
and it needs company!

xoxo everyone
hug your loved ones for me.


8.10.07 Rhythmforcedmelody said...

I know exactly how you feel.