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Leopard: purr, roar? discuss.

Overheard in New York,
(blog compilation of conversations
you guessed it,
overheard in NY, NY!)
makes me laugh
because of things like this:

No More Montessori School for You, Young Lady

Mom, about man on train with flowers:
Awww, he has flowers. They're probably for his girlfriend.
Eight-year-old daughter:
Mom, you never know! They could be for a boy.

and this:

You Have Measured Out Your Life in Baby-Food Spoons
Five-year-old girl: Mommy, come on. This is not your time.
Mommy: When is my time?
Five-year-old girl: Never!

--Barnes & Noble, Chelsea

the ones from kids are the best.

second of all, i "installed" Leopard.
it's in quotes because
it gave me an error message
and a heart attack
that it couldn't complete the install
before it restarted my computer
but then proceeded to work anyway
yeah i have no idea what that was about

besides having issues with iTunes libraries
which is an endless battle that i seem to lose endlessly
and the Backup program for Tiger being full of suck
and that finally working only after about two hours of futzing with it
everything is operational!


my iTunes are back to normal
so now my soul is back to normal
(music is really that important to my inner life)
and iChat has TABBED CHATS
that's right
so now my eight hundred IM windows
are in ONE window

the iPhoto backgrounds SUCK
as in
they don't work at all
because i do have a whole hand
and a whole head
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
but maybe i don't
and apple is actually right about everything.

what do you guys think??
not about that photo of me
(terrible hahaha)
but about Le Leopard?!


1.11.07 Anonymous said...

I don't have Le Leopard but love your cats!!!!!!