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If this is supposed to be a reflection of my life...

... does that fact that I haven't posted mean that my life is empty?
Goodness freaking gracious, no.

Job is getting more hectic, but I am making strides to make it.

Concentrating mainly on process to learn the role of product manager (ProdM):
Who to deliver to at what time, what to deliver, dependencies, risks
Project Management tools like Omni Plan are going to be very useful.
I am not yet a ProdM myself.
I *want* to be more than anything.
I have it in me to be a Project Manager as well.
My brain flips out if that stuff isn't in place, so I will make Omni Plan my best friend.

Tomorrow my current ProdM (fave mentor) & I are going to do a process flow of the tasks that I take over briefly, in this transitory phase,
which is disgustingly anal but ridiculously useful
and it will really help me concentrate,
and enable me to be creative and to take liberties in the right places,
to know when I can take some time to rest,
and to know when I'm in big trouble, or that it's someone else's fault!

Maybe an MBA would be useful about now, but I don't have one do I?
Can't get bogged down in the things you don't have.

This is going to be amazing... :)
Now, I'm tired from doing hours and hours of QA testing tonight, I should sleep.
I really need the weekend, holy crap...