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something old, something new,
something poe, something true.

i spent many days alone in my room when i was younger,
listening to poe.
i'm really not sure what it was,
but she always haunted me.
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even as my music taste changes, i remember her fondly.

so today, when i pulled out my CDs for the first time
in a billion years
because they are almost like dinosaurs now
so antiquated are they
compared to those spry, young mp3s
'cause i needed to re-burn some of my favorites
since iTunes
insists on losing my music files
which makes me
and i consider myself computer literate
and i have no idea why it does this inane thing to me
if anyone can tell me
i would appreciate it.

it's a good thing that i back up my stuff.

so anyway.
turns out poe released a new album in 2000 and i didn't know about it.
wtf, i know.
i hope it's great.
i haven't found out.
because of more iTunes difficulties.
*wrings hands.*

i'm one of the few people who still buys their music on iTunes.
i am not sure why
but i suppose i like doing things legally
and having it synch up with my iPod
and not having to deal with torrents and guilt complexes
i don't know.
there has to be a better solution people!
i am not sure it's streaming though
i really like my music to be portable
i like ownership.
i just do.

who can offer me what i want?
am i missing something?
a cheaper, more reliable
more directly beneficial to the artist
i will wait until my new poe downloads
and i will still enjoy it
even if i am down ten dollars.


1.10.07 Anonymous said...

What other options do we have? I don't want to "steal" music either? Any suggestions?!!!

1.10.07 theDrunkMonk said...

Um, CD's? But, I am an old man...