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the case for under-functionality and one painfully terrible pun involving meat.

so these days
all the companies are all like
on our phones we've got
texts pix movies games internets musics!
and i'm all like
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
am i the only person that doesn't want to look
at the internet in a space that is 3"x3"?

i like having a phone that is just a phone.
a 17" computer just for the internet.
an iPod that just plays music.
an Xbox that is only for games.
a DVD player for movies.

i doubt i will ever buy an iPhone.
if i did, i'd only make calls on it!
i am definitely a Macophile,
but it makes no sense to me.
it does not speak to me.
because separation appeals to me.

it's sort of like
when i eat dinner
i don't swirl all the food together in one big mess
i like beef in one corner
taters in another
veggies in yet another.

so there you have it.
separation of starch and steak,
a.k.a. stop combining EVERYTHING!
some things are better served alone.


4.10.07 theDrunkMonk said...

Old before your time.

4.10.07 Aaroneous said...

I love my iPhone, and YES, I serve all of my meals from a blender.

5.10.07 Anonymous said...

I'm with you!