incendiary wit from a perpetually curious techfemme... and the crap I find on the interwebs.

a series of cohesions.

the internet is a funny thing,
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and according to senator ted stevens, it's also a series of tubes.

but like anything invented by people it is a multifaceted thing:

bad, good, other.

online bullying; pedophiles having access to children and taking advantage of it; some would say pornography. i would half kid and lament the breakdown of the knowledge of grammar and spelling for the sake of speed and convenience, although i do love a good LOL every once in awhile.

others would say pornography;
amazon.com's free super saver shipping,
the expression of alternate voices and views,
and for the purpose of this post,
i will highlight internet-based COHESION.


but back to cohesion.

people can connect easily in this digital world,
around the common and the obscure.

sports fans.
political causes.
support groups.
followers of a religion.
even lolcats!:
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(PostSecret is an ongoing community art project
where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard.)
then there's 4chan.:
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but you know what one of the strongest pulls comes from?


i have personally been moved to tears at a concert,
turned to my right and left, and seen the exact same thing.
i'd have confidence that i could go online
and at least fourteen other people would have also had my experience.

so again, whether good, bad, or other:
the internet allows for greater access to people (freaks, normal, other)
just like you
who cry at concerts
laugh at lolcats
and love a good postsecret.

i sure would love a good social network whose locus is music, though.


3.10.07 Chris said...

Uh oh...she mentioned 4chan...this could be bad.