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advertising goes crunch munch munch...

it starts out in the dead of night.
soothing music starts in the background... "la la la la..."

using light, some young people draw progressively changing shapes, which metamorphose again and again into new forms as a narrator describes the process...

"imagine all that you could create and have and connect to..."
i barely notice what the voice says, because the visuals are so cool!
there's a house, a sun, all manners of prettiness.
...and then all light goes into a mobile phone.



the art is suddenly less cool because it's selling something.
it's been stripped of its authenticity.

advertising killed it for me!
stupid sprint!

how can we keep consumerism from killing everything we love?!

will consumerism eventually consume every bit of us all?

i have to say no, for the sake of preserving my optimism,
because i believe we won't lose ourselves completely.
but how can we start to make peace with the crunch munch beast?

in the mean time, keep drawing...


28.9.07 amy said...

hear hear!