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dearest (enabler) facebook,

this is one of the many letters i will be writing to you in this blog.

today, i ask you:

why are you only blue and white?

i have nothing against these colors.

after all, i really like what God has done with clouds and the sky.
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very nice.

it's just that, as a friend (stalker) of yours for what seems to be a lifetime,

i am sick of staring at you.

alternately, i can make my myspace puke green and neon pink if i want my eyes to bleed from exposure to fug, but instead, dear fb, i am bored to catatnoia by a lack of color options that leaves me instead with your endless spew of sterile blue and white.


you've just let yourself go...

in this age where the consumer revels in customization,
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whether for good or evil...

instead of throwing a cupcake at my friend in Australia,
or giving another an egg that hatches into a penguin,

can a girl just get some pink or red or purple
to match her gender construct?

please think about what i've said.