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chris taylor: keep your eye on this star.

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i am so fortunate to know so many talented musicians.

all of them are very good.

so, not only do i get entertained, do i get to collaborate with other talent, i never have to lie to them and say that they're good when they're not. 'cause they really are!

i'm just kidding.

but this person is awesome:

go here or here if the player isn't working.

that's my old friend chris taylor.


he's currently in the popular philly cover band, the rockets. i mean, seriously popular. he's the lead singer and anyone who gets to hear him is lucky! i just love listening to him perform and he is just incredible live. i've even had the honor of playing with him. his talent is immense and i can't wait to hear more.

what is adorable for me is that i was there when he first started learning guitar. we were in a band together for a little bit and now lookit where this kid is.

remember this name. keep your eye on this star.

but in the short term, wish upon another star tonight that he makes more music so that i can put something up that wasn't recorded in 2005!

it will make all of our lives a little brighter.

click here to listen to the rest and to harass him to make more!


26.9.07 Anonymous said...

What an amazing voice! Keep us posted on his climb to stardom! Thank, Avalonbug