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it's my goal to share with you all of the bands i encounter who are incredible live performers.

it's a testament to their TRUE skill because the live performance, to me, is where real talent is.

oh, cave in are perfect, they are perfect.

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beautiful son (quieter of the two, acoustic):
Beautiful Son by Cave-In

seafrost (rock, but spacy and mellow, starts out slowly):
Seafrost by Cave-In

if you want to listen to more, antenna is my favorite, jupiter is next, then moons of jupiter, creative eclipses & tides of tomorrow. the latter three are small eps but they are often my favorite parts of a band's body of work!

a majority of the rest (like perfect pitch black and until your heart stops) is metalcore and contains a lot of screaming, which the lead singer does well, but i can't get into it as much as i try! although my friends who like screamage says he's good at it. ;) happy listening!

cave in myspace.


24.9.07 chris said...

cave in totally rules!!! they are even better live, btw. i'd have to say jupiter is their best, then ppb, then antenna. im not too huge into the uber-heavy metal-noise-core stuff from the 1st two albums either. i can get you a bunch of demos and rare songs if youd like, just leave me a myspace message. oh, and that official site hasnt been used in a few years. myspace.com/cavein is where its at now. they are apparently working on something, but who knows with the 50462 side-projects they are all involved in. hope the weather is lovely in colorado, though springfield in fall can be nice, im sure its much nicer up there.

24.9.07 hfd is people. said...

hey chris, thanks for the link correction!