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gimme gimme more... sound medical advice.

the speed at which I sought to watch the Britney VMA video was as lethargic as her dancing, but i finally sashayed my way toward viewing it online, days later. kids, I didn't think it was that bad. seriously.

it was good for a woman who is so desperately self medicating to hide the mental health issues she is so publicly struggling with! she was probably messed up on pills that she got from the back alley, while she should be on pills that come from her doctor, because you can still dance and see straight on the latter.

and all of this really isn't something i say to relegate her to second-class status, because mental health is complicated and this isn't the middle ages (right?), so saying that someone has a an issue and may benefit from treatment is not defamatory. after all, many of the people i love the most have issues that merit medication and they are getting the help they need, which benefits everyone around them.

i am saying seriously and with sympathy that Britney should be on that list of successes, too.

this leads me to the next question, do they have actual doctors at these rehab facilities? or just people who take money and wait for public failure, leading inevitably to more lucrative, more extended stays?

if i didn't have a soul, i'd say i was in the wrong business...

i would hate to be going through the breakdown she is having with everyone watching as closely as they are.

i never loved her music (alright, toxic is in my iTunes), but i hate to see her go down like this.

good luck, brit!


17.9.07 Aaroneous said...

While I agree with you on most accounts, I lost you in the last sentence. I believe that she shouldn't have to go down like this, but as soon as she decided it was a good idea to make a "comeback" and put herself in front of millions of people to be judged on her performance, I believe she does deserve everything she gets, because she invited it. Nobody SHOULD go through what she is going through, but she could have ended it long ago when she had the chance (and I think it's safe to say we all thought she actually did let it end). By saying "hey look at me, I'm gonna rip it up again," she got most of America on the edge of their seats ready to rip her to pieces. It was a lose/lose situation, even if she was "good" by MTV standards. Oh well, I guess that's the price you pay of being in the public eye. Better to go out big than to fade away?

17.9.07 HFD. said...

Well, I think at this point, she was doing a comeback thinking that it could make her happy again, because performing in the past had been the locus of her identity. Seeing as she's lost it so much, she probably hoped this could center her a little bit more, and hopefully some good press could lift her spirits. But, as I suspect, she wasn't mentally prepared and couldn't handle the pressure, and what you saw is the sad, sad result. I think she needs some time off but I can't blame her for trying again.