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strange fruit is the best fruit of all.

Here's some original label subversion/badassery by the legendary Billie Holiday, via moby's blog.

"In 1939 billie holiday was a huge pop star and she wanted to record 'strange fruit', a song about racism and lynching, and her label wouldn't let her.
so she recorded it for a tiny indie label and it went on to become her biggest selling record.
it's regarded as the first recorded protest song, and this performance of it is one of the best things i've ever seen.

This is a great example of the lack of intuition that labels can be guilty of. Thought it was going to be too unsavory to be popular?? Obviously untrue. When something affects thousands of people, um, it's going to sell. At least, it should, and in this case, it sure did.

Finally: whyyyyy do some women still look up to Paris Hilton? Hmm?

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17.9.07 Aaroneous said...

Because Paris Hilton has a little dog that fits in her purse. Did Billie Holiday have that? Uh.... no.