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i bungled it, alright.

i recently discovered mr bungle. they are a glorious mess of noise and i can't get enough. mike patton is god-like in his musical and creative abilities, and i am so sad they are no longer together and i will not have the privy of seeing them live.

so um, this is a great live video of the song ars moriendi ('the art of dying' in latin), what i am pissed to have missed.

mike "god" patton is the lead singer. for listening, i suggest their final album, california, as it is my fave.

you would probably be most famliar with patton from faith no more; he also has fronted tomahawk, fantomas, did a great collaboration with the dillinger escape plan, and is currently at the helm of peeping tom, a link to which you can find to the right of this post. i saw the latter live, but at the time i wasn't as big a fan as i am right now; a big, fatty shame!

i will see them again. i will.