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on profundity.

i've been thinking. how dangerous.

it's obnoxious at times, because i often do it best in the car, in the shower, or right before i go to bed, all of which aren't too convenient. but sometimes, sometimes it comes out right. this might be one of those times.

on profundity:

a. one doesn't have to be inscrutable in order to be deep, they don't have to be inaccessable to be fully actualized. my life's not a contest to see who can be more impenetrable. i like to make sense.

b. a difficult part of being a social animal, as we undeniably are, is to be understood. to translate yourself into someone others can touch and be touched by is challenging and i commend people who take time to understand and to be understood. it is work, but my personality requires it and i do my fallible best.

c. emotional, mental, spiritual, and social tangibility doesn't always imply cursory simplicity. you are not less of a person if you are more understandable.

d. being able to describe yourself in ten sentences or less doesn't mean that's all you are, and people should know better than to limit others like that.

e. one does not have to be intelligent, remarkable, or perfect to be worthwhile and valuable. although, it does help to be kind and generous. people generally like you better that way.

f. is someone less of a person because they smile more than not? does it mean they are simple minded and don't understand the human condition, or is it the opposite: that they recognize that life can be a mess and that happiness is often deliberate? not that i can blame anyone for being sad for most of the time, though!

g. if i listen to britney spears or pop music in general, does this automatically make me a person not worthy of your serious consideration? for the first half of that sentence you may also subsitute things like "if i am 'blond,' or 'black,' or 'chicano,' or 'female,' or 'liberal,' or 'gay' or 'tattooed', or 'republican,' etc..."

h. a sense of, even a love for, yourself does not always lessen your ability to love others. i would argue that self-loathing is counterproductive, however, humility is healthy.

finally, i still love you if you don't agree with this at all!

xoxo ya'll.