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a license to snub?

i have this friend.

he's lovely. and charming. and that's not sarcasm, because he really is my friend.

but, as with all people including myself, he has faults:

when it comes to music, he compltely forgets subjectivity.

for instance, when muse came out with black holes and revelations, i thought it was great, and comparable in quality to previous albums, such as my former fave, absolution. i imagine, if they released it, they thought it was as good as, if not an improvement upon, their past work. i would think this is what most bands believe when they release new material.

this friend, however, said about black holes and revelations:

"oh, no. i don't like the new one. it's clearly inferior to their former releases."

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yeah, i brought the owl.
clear to everyone or just to you?

so: at which point does someone's opinion count as THE opinion?

this is why i have trouble believing negative reviews about albums. i really don't put much stock into them because sometimes i really like stuff that no one else does.

and you know what?

i am okay with that.

call me miss positive contrarian, but i like it this way.

march to your own 'crappy' beat, darnit.

even if it's mel c. ;)
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